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PHP: Get Month Name From Date

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to get the month name from the date in PHP. The PHP provides very useful functions and classes by using it we can easily format the date. Let’s just dive into it and explore it.

Get Month Name From Date In PHP

PHP provides the date() method which is used to format the date as we want. We can also get the month name from the date. Also, this function is useful to change any kind of date format. Let’s see simple examples.

Example 1: Extract Month Name From Static Date

In this example, we have used the createFromFormat() function which helps us to provide exact conversion from the specific date format else it might interpret the wrong date format and gives us the wrong output.

It is always advisable to use createFromFormat() function while dealing with the static dates or if you changed the default date format.


    $datetime = DateTime::createFromFormat('d/m/Y', '05/06/2021');
    echo $datetime->format('F');
    // echo $datetime->format('M');  // Output: Jun



Notes: Use 'M' instead of 'F' to get the three letters month name for ex. Mar, Jun, Jul, etc.

Example 2: Extract Month Name Using date() Function

If you don’t want to use the DateTime class then you can simply use the PHP’s date() function to get the month name from date.

    // Date Format: Y/m/d
    $paymentDate = '2021/06/05';;
    echo $month = date('F', strtotime($paymentDate));
    // echo $month = date('M', strtotime($paymentDate));  // Output: Jun



Example 3: Extract Month Name Using date_format() Function

We can also use the date_format() function to grab the month name in PHP.

    // Date Format: Y/m/d
    $date = date_create("2013-03-15");
    echo date_format($date,"F");
    // echo date_format($date,"M");  // Output: Mar



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That’s it from our end. We hope this article helped you to get month name from the date in PHP.

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