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Difference Between del, remove and pop on lists

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Often Python beginners get confused between del, remove and pop on lists. Many beginners don’t know that these are three separate things because they seem to look similar.

Choosing the right function is extremely important for the application because it can have an impact on the performance.

In this guide, we will explain the difference between a del, remove, pop on lists thus you can choose the better one. Let’s just jump into it.

Difference between del, remove and pop on lists

list.remove(element)del list(index)list.pop(index)
remove() is a method.del is a statement.pop() is a method.
works with value or object.works with index.works with index.
remove() removes the first matching value or object. It does not work with indexing.del removes the item at a specific index. It is also used to remove slices from a list or clear the entire list.The pop() removes the item at the given index.
In case, If a list contains duplicate elements, the remove() only removes the first matching element.If argument not passed, the default index -1 is passed as an argument and it will remove the index of the last item.
A parameter is required unless you will get an TypeError.It requires index or name unless you will get SyntaxError: invalid syntaxThe argument is optional.
Whenever, if you are trying to remove the value which not exists into the list then you will get ValueError.If the name is unbound, a NameError an exception will be raised.As long as the index passed to the method is not in range, it throws IndexError: pop index out of range exception.
It does not return any value.It does not return any value.It returns the deleted index value.
>>> a = [1, 2, 3, 4]
>>> a.remove(2)
>>> a
[1, 3, 4]
>>> a = [5, 6, 7, 8]
>>> del a[2]
>>> a
[5, 7, 8]
>>> a = [4, 3, 5]
>>> a.pop(1)
>>> a
[4, 5]

That’s it for now. We hope this post helped you to clear your thoughts on del, remove and pop for lists in Python.

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    * I think the example for del it’s wrong, the output will be [5,6,8] not [5,7,8].


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