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How To Install Vue In Laravel 8 Step By Step

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In this article, we will learn how to install Vue in Laravel. In older versions of Laravel, Vue was set up automatically with every new installation. However, in newer versions, you have to set it up yourself. Let’s see it step by step.

Install Vue In Laravel

The laravel/ui is a separate package that provides the UI scaffoldings for bootstrap, vue, and react. Alongside the auth scaffold for login and registration.

Follow these steps to get Vue set up in your Laravel app.

  1. The Bootstrap and Vue scaffolding provided by Laravel is located in the laravel/ui Composer package, which may be installed using Composer:
composer require laravel/ui
  1. Once the laravel/ui package has been installed, you may install the frontend scaffolding using the ui Artisan command:
php artisan ui vue

If you also need to add the auth scaffolding, add the --auth switch to the command:

php artisan ui vue --auth
  1. Finally, you’ll need to install the newly added dependencies and compile them by running the following command
npm install && npm run dev

Note: if you’re running this for the first time, Mix might need to install additional dependencies which it’ll pull in automatically. If you see an error message, just run npm run dev again.

That’s it from our end. We hope this article helped you to learn how to install Vue in Laravel.

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