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How To Downgrade An NPM Package

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Sometimes, It is useful to downgrade an NPM package to resolve a compatibility issue. So friends, without wasting a second let’s see how to do it.

Using the @ below syntax, You can easily install an older version of an npm package:


npm install <package>@<version>


Let’s suppose, you had installed Axios npm package version 0.18.0 but now you want to downgrade it to 0.15.0 then you can do something like below:

npm install axios@0.15.0

How To List All Versions Of Any NPM Package?

You might also be curious to know that how to see all versions of any NPM package. Believe me, it is very very is to see all the available versions of any NPM package by running just one single command as below:


npm view <package> versions


> npm view axios versions

[ '0.1.0',
  '0.20.0' ]

That’s all for the day. We hope this article helped you to Downgrade An NPM Package.

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